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The hitchhiker's guide to Netigate

What's this all about?

This little bookish will give you an insight into life at Netigate.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into our world.

How it all started

Imagine basing all of your important business decisions on a gut feeling. No data, no statistics, no facts. Just intuition. Wild, right? Back in the 90s, that was the reality for many decision makers and a big frustration for the four friends who later founded Netigate. 

Netigate's origin story dates back to 1999, when the four friends founded the consultancy firm INCH. INCH helped other businesses digitalise their employee and customer journeys. One day, a customer asked if it was possible to develop software to collect feedback. And just like that, Netigate was born! 

The power of we

The departments that together become Netigate, are Technology, Revenue, Growth, Services, Finance, and People.

Although our departments are experts in their respective fields, we believe in working together if we're going to be successful. That's why working across departments and functions is normal for us. Plus, the company parties are more fun when you know most of your colleagues! 

Inspire action through authentic understanding of people  

In a

We are a powerful technology supported by extraordinary people.   

Our guiding stars




We are passionate about our customers, each other, the quality of our work, and always striving to make an impact. It’s with passion that we release our full potential and aspire to be the best we can be.




For us, walking the talk means that we follow through despite any obstacles we might face along the way. We believe that it's OK to fail, as long as you always try again. We aim to be better than yesterday.




We believe that happy employees create happy customers and when one person is succeeding, we all are. We create an environment where our people are inspired to reach their full potential.

Add Value

A nudge in the

right direction

We believe that all Netigators act with good intentions. We want the best for the company and each other. 

With this in mind, it's a good idea to have some guidance in what Netigate considers to be acceptable actions and behaviours. That's why we have a set of policies and guidelines to keep us aligned. These are very important to us. 

Nice flex!

We work from home, in our favourite coffee shops, and in the office. Not everyone at the same time usually— but we could, thanks to our remote work policy. A nice flex!

Great people make Netigate greater

Imagine if every colleague
was someone you could grow with and learn from.

Some perks for our

  • Hybrid work options for everyone
  • We do fun stuff together
  • Get extra support during parental leave
  • Take your birthday off mention a few! 

Speaking of

fun stuff

As we usually say: It's all fun and games until the real fun and games begin. We really value activities where we can come together outside of our daily work.  

One example is Passion week; a themed week where we come together and let our different passions set the agenda. Other examples are summer and winter parties, family day, health challenges, AWs, and the Friday trolly. 

Dogs in the office?
We call them 
Mood Managers

"When needed, Charlie is always ready for a quick belly rub and it makes me very happy to see how happy she makes my colleagues."

- Emma, owner of Charlie (one of the Mood Managers)

Diversity &


One of our very top priorities is to create a work environment where everyone is treated equally regardless of gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. We believe that it's our differences that will make us grow and evolve. Any kind of harassment and discrimination is therefore strictly forbidden at Netigate. 

That's a


Well, there it is. The small bookish of life at Netigate. We hope this gives you a glimpse into our world, company culture, and what's important to us.

Hopefully this resonates with you. If so, we might be seeing you shortly. If not, hey, no hard feelings. We wish you all the best and if our paths cross again at some point in time, we hope to impress you then instead.